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Aviod These Dangers While Visiting and Remembering!

Trevor Foley (Pastor Foley’s son) shares with us some of the dangers of visiting and remembering.  He reminds us that we shouldn’t visit and remember to feed our own pride, to make people happy, or even because we like people.  … Continue reading

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What I Learned from My Crash Course in Christian Visitation

Post by Pastor Tim – Last week was my “crash course” in Christian visitation, as I visited the homes of 8 North Korean defectors in a span of 8 days.   This is not an exhaustive list on the importance of … Continue reading

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How Radical, Missional, And Ordinary Christian Identities All Fall Way Short Of The Genuine Christian Calling

There is a growing backlash these days against the radical missional movement. Anthony Bradley lit the powder keg like so: Being a ‘radical,’ ‘missional’ Christian is slowly becoming the ‘new legalism.’ We need more ordinary God and people lovers (Mt … Continue reading

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