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Proclaiming The Gospel In North Korea Part I: Introduction

Teaching the discipleship practices of the North Korean church (and other underground churches throughout history) to Christians in the rest of the world is central to our calling at Seoul USA/.W.  So anytime someone asks me, “How can we help North … Continue reading

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Salvation Focused on Self Is No Salvation At All

Most discipleship problems are the result of inadequate or anemic concepts of salvation. That is to say, one of the inherent problems with the Sinner’s Prayer is that it sets the stage for a very therapeutically-oriented, self-focused form of discipleship–a … Continue reading

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Is It More Important To Get A Sinner To Pray The Sinner’s Prayer Or The Lord’s Prayer?

A modest proposal for using the Lord’s Prayer rather than the Sinner’s Prayer when leading people to Christ: Of the two prayers, the Lord’s Prayer is the one that actually appears in Scripture as an actual prayer. Of the two … Continue reading

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