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Before You Lead Someone Through The Sinner’s Prayer, Please Read These Instructions

My peacemaking hat is off to Rev. David Platt who, after getting ear-boxed at the recent Southern Baptist Convention for raising concern about the use of the Sinner’s Prayer, ended up voting for a resolution affirming the use of the … Continue reading

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The Stark Difference Between Proclaiming the Revival Message and Proclaiming the Gospel

Regular readers of this blog will have to think back long and hard to the last time I heaped big praise on an article in Christianity Today. This is not because I don’t like Christianity Today–I actually like it quite … Continue reading

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Everywhere the Gospel is Authentically Preached, There Will Be Active and Urgent Preparation for Christ’s Return

No–no cartoon charts, no explanations of esoteric passages from the book of Revelation, no  billboards announcing prophetic speculations. Just this, from Luke 10:1: After this the Lord appointed seventy-two others and sent them two by two ahead of him to … Continue reading

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