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Forgiving and Reconciling, Part X: Jesus Is The Only Scapegoat Capable Of Bearing Sin For Longer Than A Few Days

Jesus, the lamb of God who bears the sins of the world, turns out to be the only scapegoat capable of permanently bearing sin. When Jesus forgives sin, it doesn’t just vanish with a wave of his hand. He bears … Continue reading

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Forgiving and Reconciling, Part IX: The Best Bible Story On Forgiveness That’s Rarely Told (And Even More Poorly Understood)

It’s the best Bible story on forgiveness that’s rarely told in churches and Sunday School lessons–and even less rarely understood. It explains why our reflecting Christ’s forgiveness to our enemies is such a crucial part of his plan to draw … Continue reading

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Forgiving and Reconciling, Part VIII: A Straightforward Explanation Of Why Our Failure To Forgive Others Is So Damaging To Us

Not only did Christ bear our sin; he sought to do so. Because he is setting the world right—remember, that’s what his righteousness means—he sought for the uncontested right to bear all sin. He knew that the only way sin … Continue reading

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