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Video – Are the Works of Mercy Protestant or Catholic?

At the core of the DOTW Discipleship Groups are the Works of Mercy and the Works of Piety.  Pastor Foley shares how the Works of Piety and the Works of Mercy come from the Scriptures and how they have been … Continue reading

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Video – How are you Growing in Prayer and Worship?

Have your worship and prayer matured this past year? What would that even look like? As Pastor Foley explains, it would look a lot more like Jesus, which is precisely what the Holy Spirit has in mind. Youtube Video Link … Continue reading

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How Trying to Do Good Can Result in Bad

Part XI of our series on Preparation We concluded our last post by noting the importance of the Works of Mercy in training our body. But before we continue, we need to make one thing clear that so often gets … Continue reading

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