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You Won’t Want To Hear This, But Here Are The Two Surefire Signs That It’s The Right Moment To Share The Gospel

Pastor Foley says that we will never find the “right moment” to share the gospel, if by right moment we mean that people are showing interest in Christ first.  The Apostle Peter says that the sign of a “right opportunity” is precisely when … Continue reading

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Video – Do your gifts reveal Christ to others, or are they only gifts?

Pastor Tim Dillmuth takes a look at how the gifts of God are actually a surety of Christ’s second coming.  The question we must then ask ourselves is, How does our giving reflect God’s? In other words, do we give … Continue reading

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Video – What’s the Difference between Serving and Reigning?

Pastor Tim Dillmuth Preaching – What could be wrong with serving others solely because we have a desire to help them? Just this: Idolatry. As Jesus shows, only in focusing on God in all our acts of service will we … Continue reading

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