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Is a Month of Reflection Really Needed?

Reader Question/Comment I find it sad that we have to specifically call out a season to remind ourselves to reflect not only on Jesus but our salvation and his second coming. Do Christians really forgo doing this so often that … Continue reading

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Reigning With Christ: The Original (And Still Greater) Great Commission

Historians credit seventeenth-century Lutheran missionary Justinian von Welz with coining the phrase “The Great Commission” to describe Jesus’ “go and make disciples of all nations” missionary charge to the disciples in Matthew 28:18–20; however, it took Hudson Taylor, nineteenth-century missionary … Continue reading

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Before You Go Disciple the Nations, You Might First Consider Discipling Your Own Children

The most neglected passage of Scripture related to the Work of Mercy of making disciples? 1 Timothy 3:1-5 (ISV): 1This is a trustworthy saying: The one who would an elder be, a noble task desires he. 2Therefore, an elder must … Continue reading

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