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Korean Unification Will Only Take Place Through A Spiritual Transformation

For the past seventy years, North Koreans and South Koreans have judged, hated and feared each other. Koreans have focused on things like internal happiness and external acts of power, but neither of those things have helped to reunify the … Continue reading

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My House Is To Small To Have You Over For Dinner

Visiting the homes of North Korean defectors is one of my favorite things to do while I’m in South Korea.  When I was in Korea last May, I had a crash course in Christian visitation, visiting the homes of 8 … Continue reading

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What Happens To The Faith Of North Korean Underground Christians When They Come To South Korea?

Mrs. Foley and I are honored to enjoy the friendship of a number of North Korean defector Christians and Christian families who were previously underground believers when they lived in North Korea. To a person, they are all extraordinary human beings … Continue reading

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