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Do Whatever He Tells You: An Excerpt from Living in the Underground Church

The command of God is only secondarily an address to us. It is first and foremost a statement of how God has acted and how he will act. What we are being told in the command is the only sensible … Continue reading

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The “V” Word That Was Once Central To The Christian Life But Which Has Been Expunged (Hint: It’s Not “Victory”)

What distinguishes persecuted Christians from Christians in the rest of the world? Why do reports of persecution of Christians in so-called “free” countries feel so much less compelling than reports emanating from countries like North Korea and Iraq? Why do … Continue reading

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The Text Says Jesus “Loved” The Rich Young Ruler, Not “Tested,” “Rebuked,” or “Graciously Overlooked His Glaring Hypocrisy”

Mark 10:17-22, the story of the rich young ruler, is a bellwether text for measuring just how literally we are willing to take the Bible. On the face of it, the story’s prose is so sparse and its implication so … Continue reading

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