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What Does It Really Mean To Have Christ Transform Your Life?

Pastor Foley says that when we start to live out the way of Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit, our life completely changes. But the changes occur in very specific ways.  Internally, Christ changes the way we think, … Continue reading

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Video – God Has A Wonderful Plan For Your Life Is A Nice Saying, But It’s Not The Gospel!

Believe in God Go to Church God Has a Wonderful Plan for Your Life These are all nice sayings, but according to the Scriptures they are not the Gospel!  By examining Paul’s gospel presentation in Acts 17:16-32, Pastor Foley and … Continue reading

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Video – Don’t Read The Bible This Way!

Pastor Foley says that a fear of not getting into heaven is a typical motivation that many Christians have when reading the Bible.  Therefore, many of us often read the Bible trying to find out what we need to do … Continue reading

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