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North Koreans, Meet Jesus And Please Excuse The Cannonballs: On Protestantism’s Awkward Entrance Into North Korea

Protestant Christianity rumbled into Korea with guns blazing–literally. It arrived aboard an American trading ship, the General Sherman, which pressed its way, unwelcome and unlawful, up the Taedong River towards Pyongang in 1866. After the crew of the General Sherman … Continue reading

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An Open Letter To Kim Jong Un On Behalf Of Persecuted North Korean Christians (On The Occasion Of The Publication Of The Report Of The United Nations Commission Of Inquiry On North Korea)

His Excellency Mr. Kim Jong Un Supreme Leader, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea First Secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea Pyongyang, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea Excellency, It is said that your grandfather once warned, “Only Christianity can cut … Continue reading

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Partner: The Global Church Should Always Serve, Never Supplant, The Local Church In Any Ransoming Effort

Because people forgot–or just didn’t know–that the North Korean underground church still existed. That’s the reason why ten years ago Mrs. Foley and I sold what we had, gave it away, and followed Jesus in creating Seoul USA to serve … Continue reading

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