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And Now This Special NK Radio Bulletin: Suffering is Normal When You Are Doing Good

Below is an excerpt from our recent report on our North Korea Radio Broadcasts as written by one of  our VOM Korea interns. Life in North Korea is very difficult for outsiders to comprehend. Many outsiders wonder, “how can North Koreans … Continue reading

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How Do North Korean Christians Envision Heaven?

The Bible begins and ends in a garden, yet I can’t recall many of us Westerners ever envisioning heaven that way. That’s why I was so fascinated to hear one of our North Korean defector students at Underground University describe … Continue reading

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Video – Reaching North Korea With The Gospel Through Radio Broadcasts And Movies

One important way we get the Gospel into North Korea is through our nightly radio broadcasts.  These are produced and voiced by North Korean defectors, and we estimate that nearly 2 million North Koreans tune into our broadcasts each night.  … Continue reading

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