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Don’t Settle for Getting People to Give; Instead, Help People Become Habitually More Giving

Best book I’ve read so far this year–Improvisation: The Drama of Christian Ethics, a gem from 2004 by Church of England priest and Christian ethicist Samuel Wells. (As usual, the best books on giving, discipleship, and fundraising are never the … Continue reading

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Why the Wealthy are Stingy, and How a Nighttime Stroll Through a Dangerous Neighborhood is the Cure

Another great post from Joanne Fritz grabbed our attention this week–Are the Wealthy Stingy? And What You Can Do About It. Joanne’s answers: Yes, and have them walk down a dark alley at midnight. More on that latter answer in … Continue reading

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To Tithe or Not To Tithe: That is Not the Question

Props to Call & Response blog for calling our attention to the new National Association of Evangelicals survey on tithing. As reported by CNN, the survey shows a 42/58 split of evangelical leaders against regarding tithing as a biblical requirement. The … Continue reading

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