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How to Start a Lay Church, Principle XI: Tithe… But Not to the Lay Church!

When I share the .W lay church model with folks, I find that consistently one of the biggest attractions is that we expect members to tithe, right from the get-go. That’s not your typical church recruitment draw, but our tithe is … Continue reading

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Imitation is How Humans Learn to Give. So Why are Churches and Nonprofits Doing Away With It?

Tip of the cap to Peter Leithart for his post on mimetic humanity, or how humans are wired to learn just about everything through imitation far more than through explanation or training or emotional stimulation. The issue is absolutely crucial … Continue reading

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The Biblical Way to Get Church Freeloaders to Give

A blog site for ARDA–the Association of Religion Data Archives–sounds about as exciting as a visit to http://www.watchingpaintpeel.com. (Oddly, by the way, that URL is still available.) But trust me: RSS the feed. ARDA’s David Briggs posts every two weeks, … Continue reading

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