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The Ross Bible re-enters North Korea 140 years after it first arrived!

In 1882, Koreans successfully smuggled the first ever Korean language version of the scriptures—in the form of the Gospel of Luke they had just translated with Missionary John Ross—from Moukden, China (today’s Shenyang) inside of what is today North Korea. … Continue reading

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Is There Such A Thing As Smuggling Too Many Bibles Into North Korea and Other Closed Countries?

I regularly see ministries putting out ads claiming that the number one request of North Korean Christians is for Bibles, Bibles, and more Bibles. These ministries claim that for every few dollars you send, they’ll send one more Bible into … Continue reading

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An NK Bible Smuggling Story: How God Smuggles Bibles By Transforming Hearts, Not Deceiving Eyes

I met a young North Korean man Sunday who was newly arrived in South Korea. He had defected shortly after completing his mandatory ten year military service. He had caught my attention during the worship service where I was preaching because … Continue reading

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