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The Psalms and Songs Of Praise To Kim Il Sung Are Not Entirely Different And Not Entirely The Same

A few weeks ago I studied the Psalms along-side our Underground University missionaries in training. We studied the different kinds of psalms including the psalms of praise, lament and cursing. Much of our study that day was standard, but I … Continue reading

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North Korea: Land Of Concentration Camps…And The Loveliest Moonlit Sky

I hope you’ve read this month’s Voice of the Martyrs/US special edition newsletter on which we were honored to collaborate. Make sure especially to check out the Voice of the Martyrs online article on the 30,000 Christians who are in … Continue reading

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Do North Koreans Worship Kim Il Sung As God?

The question of whether North Koreans regard Kim Il-Sung as God is–as with many subjects in North Korean studies–hardly as straightforward as it appears. For starters, North Korea is keenly aware that the rest of the world would regard such … Continue reading

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