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An Open Reply To John Feffer On His Hankyoreh Article On Balloon Launching Into North Korea

Dear Dr. Feffer, Thank you for your editorial piece entitled The Balloon War, posted on the Hankyoreh website on November 3. Your care for North Korean farmers and young children, residents of the South Korean border areas, North-South cooperative efforts, … Continue reading

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The Word Of God Never Returns Void, Even If Launched By Balloon Into North Korea

Our team at one of our discipleship bases near the border welcomed a North Korean woman this week who was visiting China in search of work. As with most North Koreans in China, the woman was not defecting but rather … Continue reading

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FAQ: Why Do We Launch Bibles Into North Korea Rather Than Food?

Mrs. Foley and I founded Seoul USA ten years ago at a time when private engagement with North Korea (e.g., religious, social, humanitarian) was shaped almost entirely by NGOs in Western nations and South Korea. Our conviction was that engagement with … Continue reading

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