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Voice of the Martyrs Korea Announces the Publication of the First Ever North Korean/English Parallel Study Bible

Voice of the Martyrs Korea announces the publication of the first ever North Korean/English Parallel Study Bible, produced in partnership with Wycliffe MissionAssist (UK), SDOK (Netherlands), and Voice of the Martyrs US. This Parallel Study Bible consists of Genesis and … Continue reading

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Send a Personal Message Of Christ’s Love To Over 2 Million North Koreans

Would you like to send a personal message of God’s love to over 2 million North Koreans?  My wife and I recently had the opportunity to do that at the recording studio in our South Korean office. VOM Korea provides … Continue reading

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Here’s My Doctoral Dissertation Summarized In 148 Words, Plus My List Of The 120 Best References On North Korea

Doctoral dissertations are, as a rule, boring to everyone except for the person who wrote them. It would be conceit to assume that my own dissertation is otherwise. Still, there are a few reasons for me to share it with … Continue reading

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