God Always Heals

As a member of a prayer group at church, I receive many prayer requests from our congregation. Sadly, the majority of the prayer requests are related to health problems of a family member. Either an uncle or an aunt is undergoing a high-risk surgery, or a parent has been diagnosed with cancer. We ask God to heal every single person, yet not all seem to experience healing. Why does God heal some people while He lets others suffer? Is God truly just and good?

Being self-centered human beings that need to control every aspect of our lives, we often want God to heal in specific ways at specific times. If God manages to meet our deadlines and fulfill our expectations, we then consider Him to be good. If He doesn’t act exactly the way we want Him to, He becomes an unjust God who is unreasonable and cruel. With our narrow mindset we often trap God into these tiny boxes, limiting and reducing His greatness.

Regardless of our opinion of God, however, His goodness and character does not change. God heals. Just not necessarily the way we’d like Him to, but that doesn’t change three basic truths about Him. God is real. God is good. God loves you. The entire universe declares these truths and nothing can change that.

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