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The “V” Word That Was Once Central To The Christian Life But Which Has Been Expunged (Hint: It’s Not “Victory”)

What distinguishes persecuted Christians from Christians in the rest of the world? Why do reports of persecution of Christians in so-called “free” countries feel so much less compelling than reports emanating from countries like North Korea and Iraq? Why do … Continue reading

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How The Martyrs Awaken And Inspire Us

Anutza Moise was a close family friend of Rev. Richard and Sabina Wurmbrand.  Her short book, A Ransom for Wurmbrand, tells of her personal experience with them before, during and after their imprisonments. In the conclusion to her book, she … Continue reading

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Mosul: A Call To Interfaith Reconnection

The terror-laden flight of Christians and Yazidis from Mosul and, more broadly, from Iraq and Syria, is a tragedy of near inestimable loss. Their story of being driven from their ancestral lands due to their faith has been well chronicled. … Continue reading

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