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Predictions for the future of fundraising: Transformational Giving 1, Transactional Fundraising 0

Heartening predictions for Transformational Giving devotees in fundraising guru Mal Warwick’s May 2009 newsletter: Large charities clinging to enormous donorfiles will lose ground to those that emphasize donor quality over quantity. Major donor or foundation consortia will flourish, issuing Requests … Continue reading

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Consultant’s advice: disembowel your donor

We began this week with a disconcerting fundraising analogy from Fund Raising Success magazine. I never imagined we’d find an even worse analogy to top that by week’s end, but in fact we have one! Our pal Joe Milligan at … Continue reading

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A 20 minute Signature Participation Project

Take 2 minutes to click this link and read Peter Deitz’ transcript of his Australian conference presentation on what he calls action-oriented short term web volunteer opportunities. (AOSTWVOs?) Catchy title there. I wish we would have thought of it instead … Continue reading

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