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Transformational Giving Counterfeit #3: Chaplaincy

In a post last week, we talked about two approaches to development that are often mistaken as country cousins to TG but are in fact counterfeits. The first is a form of friendraising, in which we talk to champions about … Continue reading

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The current missionary support raising model is dying

Got a great-and-sobering note from a dear brother of mine–a leader at a great missions agency–this week. Subject? The traditional dial-a-church model of missionary funding is becoming such an exercise in futility that it’s really best termed SPAM. Here’s the … Continue reading

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Needed: A revelation of champions and partners

Read Frank Viola’s From Eternity To Here while slogging away on the Precor machine at the Y tonight. The book’s dedicated to enabling Christians to see the church as what Frank calls ‘God’s ageless purpose’. Some moving passages in there, … Continue reading

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