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Why was it Necessary for Jesus to be Baptized?

Matthew 3:13-17 Jesus tells John that his baptism is necessary to fulfill all righteousness. But what does Jesus mean by all righteousness? In the Bible, righteousness is all about setting things right—that is, fixing something that is broken. But what … Continue reading

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A Modest Counterproposal to The New Tithe

You perhaps have seen by now the winner of the 2011 Project Reason video contest, a piece entitled The New Tithe: Mega-churches have used religion as fund-raising tool for too long. They shower their followers in sanctimonious platitudes, then clamor … Continue reading

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Fundraising Advice for Struggling Churches

From Daniel Threlfall’s upcoming Sharefaith interview. Question’s his, answer’s mine. We’re a financially struggling church. We hardly have enough money to replace our threadbare carpet, let alone give our money away. Do you have any advice? I would say you … Continue reading

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