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If God Exists, Why Am I Sick?

One blustery winter’s morning in Colorado, an atheist revealed to me a long forgotten Biblical truth. This atheist was a kind man and exceptionally clever; he was also a close friend. He had just expressed sympathy for a chronic illness … Continue reading

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Three Important Themes in the Parable of the Wedding Feast

Part VI of our series on Sharing Your Bread An astonishing amount of the Bible is devoted to the stories of people who reject the call of God. And now that we’re becoming disciples who extend the invitation of Christ … Continue reading

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God’s Understanding of Sin and Forgiveness

Part XII of the Forgiving and Reconciling Series We concluded our last post by noting that people don’t go to hell because God is waiting to forgive them until they repent.  When we think that’s the case, we misunderstand not … Continue reading

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