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Video – Reigning through Footwashing?

In our culture, footwashing doesn’t “pack the same punch” that it did in Jesus’ day.  This is precisely why Jesus provided footwashing only as an example rather than a sacrament to be repeated.  Pastor Foley examines the principles found in … Continue reading

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The Mundane Act of Reigning (Super-Christians Beware)

Post by Pastor Tim Dillmuth – If we’re not careful, it’s easy to mistake reigning as a spiritually elite activity only for the Super-Christians among us (and just for the record I am not among that elite class). Reigning is … Continue reading

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Reigning With Christ: The Original (And Still Greater) Great Commission

Historians credit seventeenth-century Lutheran missionary Justinian von Welz with coining the phrase “The Great Commission” to describe Jesus’ “go and make disciples of all nations” missionary charge to the disciples in Matthew 28:18–20; however, it took Hudson Taylor, nineteenth-century missionary … Continue reading

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