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The Persecuted Church Teaches Us The Apostle’s Creed Is Not Dry and Outdated

Post by Pastor Tim – While talking to one of our discipleship partners recently, he was surprised to find that we regularly use the Apostle’s Creed and/or the Nicene Creed when we disciple new Christians.  He was more familiar with … Continue reading

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Video – Did You Know That Amazing Grace Is A North Korean Underground Church Hymn?

Russell Moore, the former Dean of the School of Theology at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary wrote in his book, The Kingdom of Christ: The New Evangelical Perspective, The New Testament does not present the sacrificial, substitutionary atonement as directed toward … Continue reading

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On Not Picking Up Unattended Pencils: The Humble Ethical Witness Of The North Korean Underground Church

North Korean underground Christians aren’t only found inside of North Korea. You’ll find them in South Korea, too—or, rather, they’ll find you…if your ministry has a reputation for protecting their identities at all costs. Because even though North Korean underground … Continue reading

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