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Who Do You Become When You Get Success And Power? What Jesus And Some North Koreans Can Teach Us

This past weekend, I met with about 30 North Korean defectors who had been in South Korea for less than a year.  They were all different ages and had varying levels of education and experience in the workplace.  But almost … Continue reading

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Make A List – How Is Your Suffering Similar To The Apostle Paul’s?

One of our Underground University (UU) students recently had a simple, yet profound insight that many Christians, more seasoned than her have not yet fully understood. Let me set the stage of our class last Saturday. We had been studying … Continue reading

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One Of The Best Books On Suffering And Persecution As Essential Parts Of The Christian Life

You might expect North Korean defectors more than others to understand the “high cost” of following Jesus, but surprisingly many of them are as naïve as we are. Many NK defectors in our Underground University program became Christians after escaping … Continue reading

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