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Need More Help To Memorize Scripture? How About The Topical Memory System?

Out of all the blog posts I (Pastor Tim) have written, which by the way isn’t very many (163 to be exact), I was surprised to find out what my most popular post is. Far and away, it is a … Continue reading

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A Unique Way to Memorize Scripture

Post by Pastor Tim – During the month of December, the DOTW Discipleship Family takes time to reflect on how the Lord has worked in our lives and how we have responded to that working. I wanted to reflect on … Continue reading

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From Memory Verses to the Ultimate Goal of Christian Memorization

Post by Pastor Tim.  The ultimate goal of Christian memorization should not be the memorizing alone, but rather the application and doing of the things that are memorized!  I wanted to share with you a few ways that my family … Continue reading

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