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What the North Korean government understands about Christian martyrdom that we Christians sometimes forget

English language media today are reporting what at first sounds like predictable comments from North Korea’s state media: North Korea is displeased that its former captive Kenneth Bae is talking publicly and negatively about his time in a North Korean … Continue reading

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Missionaries Should Always Tell The Truth, And Nine Other Straightforward Agreements We Should Be Able To Make In North Korea Missions

What is the lesson for Christian missionaries operating on this side of Kenneth Bae’s release? If we think the lesson is, “from now on we need to be even more covert about our Christian identity and work,” we will be … Continue reading

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Does North Korea’s Recent Arrest of Three Missionaries Represent a Declaration of War on Christians?

Since November, North Korea has arrested a Korean American missionary, a South Korean missionary, and an Australian missionary. Do these arrests represent a declaration of war on Christians? Not a new one. It’s important to remember that the war on … Continue reading

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