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What Troubles God Is Not What We Do But Our Astonishing Lack Of Interest In What He Does

Our contemporary spiritual myopia is most clearly revealed in our obsessive and endless debates about whether God is more focused on our actions or our beliefs. Answer: Neither. Instead, God focuses on whether we are focused on ourselves or on … Continue reading

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The Simplicity of Healing in Christianity

Part VII of our series on Healing and Comforting We talked in the last post about whether healing is a spiritual gift, reserved for only a few Christians, or a Work of Mercy to which all are called.  I place … Continue reading

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Seven Ways We Can Improve Our Proclamation Of The Gospel, Part I: Go Beyond The Bare MinimumThat Saves

When we evangelize, we are typically concerned—rightly—about making sure our hearers understand the whole thing is a gift from God rather than something that they themselves do. We want to make sure they know it’s 100% grace and 0% works. … Continue reading

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