UT: Loving Enemies Like Us

Last week we heard Pastor Foley speak about our Underground University program, a school that teaches North Korean defectors how to serve as missionaries wherever North Koreans are found. This week we hear about Voice of the Martyrs Korea’s Underground Technology (UT) program; a school where North Korean defectors receive comprehensive personal discipleship training with the support of their local church.

Students come to our UT class because they want to learn more about Christianity. More often than not, they have met Christ on the road from North Korea and want to learn more about this God-man who lays down his life in love of his enemies. They sometimes struggle to understand the dialect and even the teaching at the (South) Korean churches they attend, since South Korean culture is as new to them as Christianity is.

“Why did Jesus love his enemies?” they wonder. “And does that include even me?”

Students enroll in UT to study God, but they soon learn that it’s impossible to study God without being transformed by him, even in the little details of life.

At UT students learn about those little details of life in light of the greatness of God’s mercy.

UT students also learn life skills that can aid them in ministry. They gain confidence that they can share the love they have received—with their families, their neighbors, and maybe even with their enemies. They become a part of our UU/UT community. They meet men and women who are going through similar struggles. They are able to share their worries with one another, to share their burdens, and to lift one another up.

Students learn to see the face of Christ in one another.

Although UT is the shorter of our two programs, lasting 20 weeks, it is also the program in which we see students grow the most dramatically.

To watch other Voice of the Martyrs videos, visit the Voice of the Martyrs Video Page!

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