You’re Invited

“How do you do North Korean ministry?”

This tops the list of Voice of the Martyr’s Korea’s Frequently Asked Questions every time. The answer? We don’t.

Our goal is to aid the existing church inside of North Korea—not establish our own. The Bibles we provide were translated by the North Korean government. The discipleship materials we give were, in part, translated by North Korean defectors. The instructors we train up are all North Korean defectors.

That’s right. We train North Korean defectors to do North Korean ministry.

Each one of these defectors is well-aware of the suffering of their brothers and sisters; a suffering which they, themselves, have experienced. They have tried everything in an effort to relieve their family’s suffering. They have sent wealth, culture, and even escape routes, but none of these things relieves the darkness they see around them. In the words of one defector: “When I was in North Korea, I thought that if people were well-fed, they would have peace of mind. But in South Korea, I found that this was not true.”

Many North Korean defectors are searching for a solution to their family’s suffering.

They are finding this answer in the person of Jesus Christ.

In our Underground Technology and Underground University classes, North Korean defectors learn more about Christianity and how to implement the peace that Christ preached of—even in the darkest of circumstances. They visit other defectors in hospitals, in prison, and even in countries all across Asia.

In our classes, North Korean defectors learn how to finally bring light to the darkness they sought to eliminate.

This week, we would like to share with you a moment from our most recent graduation. Join in listening to Pastor Foley’s address and in praying for the graduates who are continuing to minister faithfully to their own people:

To watch other Voice of the Martyrs videos, visit the Voice of the Martyrs Video Page!

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