Look for God and You Will Find Him

What is the first image that comes to mind when you think about God? Do you picture a loving father who welcomes His children with open arms or is He more like a fickle spiritual being somewhere out in the universe that sometimes chooses or chooses not to intervene with the events of this world? Have you ever asked God to give you a sign to help you make that decision or to somehow just intervene and turn things around for you? The more important question is, however, would you be able to recognize Him even if He did show up at your front door at this very moment?

Something to keep in mind as we walk with God is the fact that God is not obvious. God is like a still small voice, and He tends to appear in unusual ways. He does not need to prove Himself to anyone at any time for any reason, yet He chooses to visit us because He loves us and wants to be actively involved in our lives. ”I am who I am,” is what He told Moses in the burning bush, and there’s simply no more explanation needed. God visits those who are looking for Him, and when we live by the Word and expect to see Him, we will certainly not miss His visitation.

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