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What More Can We Do To Help Persecuted Believers? How About This: Stop Sinning

“I’m praying, I’m giving financially, but I really want to know: What more can I do to help persecuted believers?” I get that question a lot when I speak about North Korean underground believers at conferences on Christian persecution. Hebrews 12:1-2 … Continue reading

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Need More Help To Memorize Scripture? How About The Topical Memory System?

Out of all the blog posts I (Pastor Tim) have written, which by the way isn’t very many (163 to be exact), I was surprised to find out what my most popular post is. Far and away, it is a … Continue reading

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A North Korean Defector Realizes Years Later Her Father Was An Underground Christian. His Breakfast Spoon Was The Giveaway.

Frequently North Korean defectors in South Korea will look back on peculiar behaviors of parents and grandparents in North Korea and realize with great astonishment that their family members were actually underground Christians. JBM, one of our Underground Technology students, … Continue reading

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