Video – Did God Say To Abraham, “I’m Going To Bless You For The Pure Joy Of Blessing You?” Not Even Close . . .

Pastor Tim Dillmuth reminds us that the blessing of Genesis 12 was not simply to make Abraham happy.  God wasn’t “blessing the socks off” of Abraham, for the pure joy of “blessing his socks off!”  Abraham, and all of Israel were blessed in order to be a blessing to others.  Pastor Tim says that this is one of the first places in the Bible where we see God’s plan for discipleship.

To listen to the full sermon and other Seoul USA Podcasts, visit the Seoul USA Podcast Page!

About tdillmuth

Pastor Timothy Dillmuth is the Discipleship Pastor of Voice of the Martyrs Korea. He oversees Underground University, a missionary training school for North Korean defectors, and does discipleship training with Christians from all over the world. Pastor Tim received a bachelor's degree from Zion Bible College and an M.Div. from Regent University. He lives with his wife, Melissia and their three children in Seoul, South Korea.
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