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What’s Harder For A Persecuted Christian Than Being In Prison? Being Released From Prison, Says Mr. Bae (These Are The Generations Bonus Material, Part I)

First in a series of weekly posts by Mr. Bae, the co-author with Pastor Foley of These are the Generations, the story of third generation North Korean Christians. Mr. and Mrs. Bae and their children once enjoyed a prosperous existence in North Korean … Continue reading

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Video – Pastor Foley Answers Questions On Kenneth Bae, Kim Jong Uk, Jonathan Short And The Latest North Korea News

Pastor Tim asks Pastor Foley about the recent blogs he’s written on the three North Korean missionaries who were arrested (Kenneth Bae, Kim Jong Uk and Jonathan Short).  Pastor Foley also gives advice for individuals who may be feeling a … Continue reading

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My House Is To Small To Have You Over For Dinner

Visiting the homes of North Korean defectors is one of my favorite things to do while I’m in South Korea.  When I was in Korea last May, I had a crash course in Christian visitation, visiting the homes of 8 … Continue reading

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