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Healed From Normalcy, Not For The Sake Of Returning To It

It is Depends Underwear, not the Lord Jesus, that advertises, “Get back into life with Depends.” By contrast, the Scriptures portray Jesus healing people not in order to get them back into life but rather to catapult them headlong out … Continue reading

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On Healing and Confession: The Importance of Absolution And Specificity

I can recall even as a young kid in the Methodist Church being puzzled and mildly amused by the confession liturgy the congregation would drone through every week. In my eight year old sensibilities it loosely came across like this: … Continue reading

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Here’s A Good Christian Prayer For Healing That Shouldn’t Freak You Out Too Much

Why does talking about the Work of Mercy of healing freak out non-freaky Christians so easily? Because most of the writing that’s done about healing emphasizes healing technique, which is a misplaced emphasis because God never healed anyone due to the … Continue reading

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