OK, So Giving Is About Affiliation AND Investment

Interesting follow-up to our post earlier this week on the overlooked dimension of giving as a statement of affiliation, not just an investment.

Seems that I’m thinking like a billionaire these days.

Check out this quote from BusinessWire founder Lorry I. Lokey, one of the 40+ billionaires who are pledging to give away half  their wealth in response to The Giving Pledge, from Peter Panepento’s Chronicle of Philanthropy post:

I like gift officers who approach me on a peer level and truly are friendly whether or not I say yes. And if I become a donor, I, in effect, am adopting that organization as if I worked there or owned it or had close ties with it. It becomes an investment that I want to follow and see success. My grants are not gifts. They are investments.

“Adopting the organization as if I worked there or owned it or had close ties with it”–one would be hard pressed to find a better definition of affiliation.

It’s worth checking out the rest of Lokey’s remarks to Panepento at Inside the Mind of a Top Donor.

About Pastor Foley

The Reverend Dr. Eric Foley is CEO and Co-Founder, with his wife Dr. Hyun Sook Foley, of Voice of the Martyrs Korea, supporting the work of persecuted Christians in North Korea and around the world and spreading their discipleship practices worldwide. He is the former International Ambassador for the International Christian Association, the global fellowship of Voice of the Martyrs sister ministries. Pastor Foley is a much sought after speaker, analyst, and project consultant on the North Korean underground church, North Korean defectors, and underground church discipleship. He and Dr. Foley oversee a far-flung staff across Asia that is working to help North Koreans and Christians everywhere grow to fullness in Christ. He earned the Doctor of Management at Case Western Reserve University's Weatherhead School of Management in Cleveland, Ohio.
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