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Two Videos: How Donors Connect…and How They Don’t

Most of us in the nonprofit world exhibit a skewed, inaccurately idealized image of: how donors are connected what they are connected to what passes along those connections Our idealized fundraising models are based on a Matrix-like image of donor … Continue reading

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What’s The Best Donation You Ever Made Through a Nonprofit?

The folks at WiseBread are running a contest where readers write in to identify the best purchase they ever made in their life. While I was initially simultaneously transfixed and unnerved by readers responses to date–“6 years of school” and … Continue reading

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OK, So Giving Is About Affiliation AND Investment

Interesting follow-up to our post earlier this week on the overlooked dimension of giving as a statement of affiliation, not just an investment. Seems that I’m thinking like a billionaire these days. Check out this quote from BusinessWire founder Lorry … Continue reading

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