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Transformational Giving Doesn’t Need a Donor Database. It Needs a Life-Caching Service

Ten months ago I did a series of video shorts on YouTube detailing the ins and outs of database development for Transformational Giving. I was so honored by the response, which mainly consisted of people emailing me and asking me … Continue reading

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Against Random Acts of Kindness (But Only For the Kindest of Reasons)

“Everyday Philanthropist” Nicole Bouchard Boles (whose Philanthropy For The Rest Of Us blog I always enjoy) reminds us that today marks the end of National Random Acts of Kindness Week. To celebrate, I purport to write this, an upbeat, positive, … Continue reading

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What is Your Nonprofit Against? Here’s My Own One Word Answer…

I liked Scott Goodson’s What Is Your Brand Against? post today in HBR so much that it leapfrogged the whole stack of other things I liked about which I had planned on writing. A quick excerpt should suffice to infect … Continue reading

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