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Nonprofits Have Followers, Not Donors

Like it or not, our nonprofit organizations have followers, not donors. “Donors” is just the label we put on them so that we can skirt the responsibility for their growth that is ethically entailed by our drawing them into involvement … Continue reading

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How Isaiah 1:17 gets Manhandled by the Professionalization of Christianity

What’s on my mind more and more these days is how the professionalization of Christianity–that is, our propensity to believe that we are doing what God requires when we provide financial support to paid professionals to undertake the acts commended … Continue reading

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The Alternative to Changing the World is not Insignificance. It’s Faithfully Re-Presenting Christ.

I agree with CT’s Mark Galli.  It’s stunning and disconcerting to see the number of new books and articles encouraging Christians to change the world. But I disagree with Mark Galli that the solution is to glorify insignificance. The opposite … Continue reading

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