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Training Church Leaders To Not Be Coward Pastors

We have a country full of coward pastors and coward seminary graduates! Cowards! I heard these words from a Nigerian pastor as he described the volatile situation in his own country. The situation in Nigeria can be a little difficult … Continue reading

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First Leader of North Korea Was Not Kim Il-Sung, It Was a Christian Man Named Cho Man-Sik

One of the early leaders in Korean Christianity was originally a businessman who liked to drink and get into fights. After he became a Christian, he was completely changed. He stopped drinking, he stopped getting into fights and he gave … Continue reading

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Video – Discipleship is the same in North Korea and South Korea

Pastor Foley and Dr. Foley talk about how discipleship is not all that different in North and South Korea.  In both countries, many people follow things like money, power and happiness.  Contrary to the world’s way of discipleship, Jesus said … Continue reading

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