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Video – What Is The Difference Between Faith and Belief?

Belief is different than faith. Even the demons believe, and it doesn’t help them a whole lot. Pastor Foley says that faith is a whole life orientation toward belief in Christ. This is why it is impossible to have faith … Continue reading

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Don’t Be Novel or Creative. Just Be Faithful

Over the past 18 months, my family has participated in various spiritual activities that have often felt cutting edge.  For example, we’ve participated in the establishing of a lay church, we’ve delved into forgotten liturgy, and we’ve practiced communion on a … Continue reading

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Why Monthly Sponsorship Is Not The Best Way To Help North Korean Christians

The Korean church is one of the youngest branches of world Protestant Christianity, having taken root a bit more than 100 years. Today a surprising number of the world’s largest churches are located in South Korea, which also sends out … Continue reading

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