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Ten Questions to Ask at Your Christmas Event

Last week we took up the challenge of creating an alternative to Shane Claiborne’s holiday mischief. The goal was to develop an event that could bring genuine growth and the beginning of ongoing relationship to individuals from disparate groups (e.g., … Continue reading

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The Best Gift Your Nonprofit Can Give the World: A Viable Plan to Go Out of Business

Thomas Friedman’s New York Times op-ed piece entitled Adults Only, Please contains a powerful thought-starter for nonprofit organizations: Dov Seidman, the C.E.O. of LRN, which helps companies build ethical cultures, likes to talk about two kinds of values: “situational values” … Continue reading

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Most Lapsed and Inactive Donors and Members Don’t Wander out the Back Door; They Wander Back Out the Front Door

Bob Allen’s Why Do People Leave Churches? post on the Associated Baptist Press blog (thanks to Call & Response for the tip) is as applicable to secular charities as it is churches and religious nonprofits, as it deals with the … Continue reading

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