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Life as Sagyeonghoe: An Excerpt from Living in the Underground Church

(Tonight I finished writing the introduction to Living in the Underground Church, the third volume of our Underground Church series. The book is due out in November, but I’m eager to share this excerpt with you. You can find Volume 1 of the series, Preparing … Continue reading

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Please don’t study the Bible

It seems almost unbiblical to ask Christians not to study the Bible, and yet a careful reading of the text supports the request. As a teacher of the Bible, one of my first instructions to students is to find the … Continue reading

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Podcast – Why Individual Study Bible-Based Bible Study is Foolish

Post by Pastor Tim – Instead of the weekly sermon highlight video, here’s a listen to what consistently gets described as our most entertaining (though always deep) resource: The free weekly Q&A podcast with DH and Pastor Foley. This week’s … Continue reading

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