Rev. Wurmbrand On Hypocrisy In The Church: “Really Sincere Christians Are A Rarity” But…

Rev. Richard Wurmbrand, the founder of the Voice of the Martyrs movement, was profound even when completing such a simple task as acceding to a reader’s demand to be removed from the VOM mailing list due to the reader’s concern that Christians are hypocrites. His personal reply to the reader is as gracious as it is instructive on many levels. Read below to find perhaps a new way to respond next time someone complains to you that, e.g., preachers are really like paid actors. (Not only the preachers, agrees Rev. Wurmbrand, but the congregation members are also!) And yet…

Well, read on and discover for yourself.

(And thanks to venerable Wurmbrand historian Merv Knight for sharing this gem from the Wurmbrand Archives!)

Dear Brother:

I received with delay your letter of April 19. We have taken care that your name should be removed from our mailing list. You are perfectly right in your diffidence towards religious organizations and preachers. There exists very much abuse in this matter. Since religion exists there have always been abusive pastors, priests and rabbis. There have been also other ones who were glad to sacrifice their time, energy and life in the service of their religion. We don’t have to accept all the pastors; neither is it right to discard them all. we should use discernment to discover those who really can be helpful in guiding us on the ways of the Lord….

I am sorry if we have offended you. Though generally I agree with you that the preachers of today are more like actors who promote their careers, it is so not only today, it has always been so. Not only preachers are acting, rank-and-file Christians do it too. Really sincere Christians are a rarity. We strive to be such Christians. You from your side also endeavor and let us pray for each other that we might be found undefiled at God’s judgment.

We usually send our newsletter to people without any obligation from their side. We wish just to inform them about what is happening to Christians in Communist countries in the newsletters. I never tell the story of my sufferings but that of the sufferings of other Christians.

If you wish to know what is happening with your brethren in Communist countries in order to pray intelligently for them, just write to us and we will put you back on our mailing list without the slightest financial obligation for you.

Yours very sincerely,

Rev. Richard Wurmbrand

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Who was the Better Servant-Leader – Jesus or Kim Jong Il?

The North Korean media always showed Kim Jong Il traveling all over North Korea, visiting the many factories and taking care of the people. He was always pictured in very humble looking worker style clothing.

So, when we say that Jesus was a “servant-leader,” it’s possible for North Koreans to confuse what Jesus did with what Kim Jong Il was pictured doing.

The people who knew Kim Jong Il the best, knew that what the media showed was nothing more than a mirage. The truth is that Kim Jong Il had numerous palaces, special trains and a private chef that prepared him exquisite meals.

The people who knew Jesus the best, knew that he was truly a servant. It was this servant-hood that led him to suffer and die for the redemption of mankind.

The fact that Jesus was a servant wasn’t a sign of weakness, it was actually the most powerful way for Jesus to reign over the universe.

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From Sex-Trafficker To Christian Martyr – One North Korean Woman’s Story of Redemption

Melissia and EstherSomeone who loses their life for Christ in an instant is not the only kind of martyr.  There are countless men and women who lose their lives for Christ in little pieces over a lifetime. These men and women witness daily to the truth of Christ through their sacrificial service to others.

My wife recently met Esther, a North Korean women who fits the second definition of a Christian martyr.  Esther escaped North Korea through “selling herself,” and then began to sex-traffick other North Korean women. Even though Esther had personally experienced the pain that came from being sold to someone else, she thought this was her only hope to make money, so she agreed to work together with the broker selling NK women. Esther said,

That was the first time I was personally involved in trafficking NK women. I knew it was not the right way to live and I felt guilty, but I needed to earn money and send it back to NK. I felt like the only way I could survive was to step on the heads of others, so I began working with the broker. My only hope and thought was to earn money and go back to NK.

During that time, she met some missionaries who taught her how to pray and gave her a Bible and an MP3 player that was loaded with the gospel and NK songs, provided by VOM Korea.

I will never forget the day I received the Bible from them. I was so happy. I kept reading it and writing down the words in my notebook. As time went by, I began to understand more about Jesus and what he has done for me. I started to repent of my sin, especially the sex trafficking work I had done.

esther - CopyShe felt in her heart that God had set her free. Esther’s life was completely changed from that point on. Esther wrote a song of praise and thanksgiving to God that described the great grace of God applied to her life, despite her sin.  Below is a brief translation of the song and a link to listen to Esther actually singing it.

“I didn’t know my Lord when I wandered.

I was stubborn, went only my way and committed all sin.

Oh my Lord, how can you forgive a sinner like me?

Can I be forgiven although I am worse than a worm?”

It wasn’t enough for Esther to experience God herself, she wanted to share her new faith with others. Esther began to search for the women that she had sold into sexual slavery.

After I accepted Jesus Christ, I searched and found five of the NK women I had sold. I wanted to ask for their forgiveness and to share the gospel with them, but I was sure they wouldn’t forgive me. To my surprise, no one hated me or had bitterness or anger toward me. They could see that something inside me had changed. They willingly accepted my request for forgiveness and came with me to meet the missionaries and learn more about the true freedom that I had found. It was a miracle.

Recently, these women were baptized together. Esther no longer desires to escape to South Korea with false hopes of money and freedom, like so many other defectors do. She has dedicated herself to staying, despite great danger and inevitable persecution, to share that which was given to her – hope.

Esther is a Christian martyr, because she is making the daily choice to share the love of Christ with others, despite the threat of danger and death.  She has the opportunity to choose comfort, but she continues to receive training from the missionaries and then takes what she has received into rural villages to minister to NK women who are victims of sex trafficking, like she was.

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