Korean Unification Will Only Take Place Through A Spiritual Transformation

For the past seventy years, North Koreans and South Koreans have judged, hated and feared each other. Koreans have focused on things like internal happiness and external acts of power, but neither of those things have helped to reunify the Korean Peninsula. The voices of the early Korean martyrs provided Koreans (and the world) with a way forward for Korean unification. These martyrs said that that key to reunification is recognizing that each of us has an emptiness inside that can only be filled with Jesus Christ.

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Video – Korea’s Only True Hope for Reunification

Most people think that the reunification of North and South Korea is a political endeavor.  But for the past seventy years politicians and militaries have been unable to reunify the two Koreas.  The original Korean independence leaders had a very different opinion, but unfortunately their voices are not often heard any more.

The early independence leaders’ message was a spiritual one rather than one that relied on physical force.  They taught that the only real hope for reunification lied in a emphasis on reading God’s word and in repentance.

To watch other Voice of the Martyrs videos, visit the Voice of the Martyrs Video Page!

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Discovered in the Dustbin of History: The Foundational Gospel Partnership Between North Koreans and Westerners

Pastor Foley and Dr. Foley discuss the important partnership that has historically existed between Westerners and North Koreans when it comes to sharing the gospel–and why this partnership has been hidden from North Koreans and lost to history from South Koreans and Westerners.

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