Video – Did You Know That Amazing Grace Is A North Korean Underground Church Hymn?

SUSA-KoreanRussell Moore, the former Dean of the School of Theology at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary wrote in his book, The Kingdom of Christ: The New Evangelical Perspective,

The New Testament does not present the sacrificial, substitutionary atonement as directed toward isolated individuals. Instead, the atonement is directed in the New Testament toward the gathering of a church” (Acts 20:28; Eph. 5:22-23) (Moore, 153).

In other words, when we are saved, we are not simply saved into a personal forgiveness of sins and a personal relationship with Christ, rather we are saved by Christ into the family and Kingdom of God!

This truth “hit me hard” as I reminisced about the story of one of our North Korean defector friends. He recently shared his testimony at a conference in the UK sponsored by our dear partner Release International and played “Amazing Grace” on his harmonica. Toward the end of his rendition, everyone in the audience began to sing along.

He was genuinely surprised when he finished because he only knew that song as a North Korean underground church song.  He asked us, “How did they know that North Korean song?” We explained to him that Amazing Grace was actually written by an English man and was known around the world. But the more we thought about it, ultimately we said to him, “Yes, it’s an NK underground church song. That’s exactly what it is.” It’s a family song.

Watch the video below of our North Korean defector friend playing Amazing Grace . . .

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The Single Biggest Misconception About North Korea Ministry

WLO_visitrememberMost people do not realize that North Korea ministry happens across an area of thousands of miles. Thousands.

That’s because North Koreans aren’t just found inside North Korea. North Korea dispatches them to countries around the world in order for them to make hard currency for the regime.

Our outreach team members share the love of God with these North Korean workers who have amazingly little other than hardships. While you might think they would be eager to receive any kind of aid, it actually takes a lot of creativity and strategy to enable them to do so. When approached as a group, they will always reject any assistance, saying, “Our great leader provides us with everything we need,” no matter how dire their circumstances, including severe malnutrition. We are of course always careful not to do anything that would get them in trouble or violate the stipulations of their sending or host country. We are simply being good neighbors and following the command of our Lord to visit and remember the poor and the stranger.

Here are a few excerpts from the dozens of city reports we received this month, representing work across myriad countries spanning thousands of miles:

. . .

City “A”: The place where the NKs work was strongly guarded and there were many captains who built all kinds of obstacles. Communication was hard. Nevertheless, we distributed some literature, one NT and [resource type withheld].

. . .

City “B”: We distributed [resource type withheld] and 2 NTs. Their needs are the same as everywhere: lack of good food and simple things such as socks, underwear and personal hygiene items.

. . .

City “C”: The ones staying have almost no food. All they are left with is 3 packs of noodles for 5 people, half a loaf of bread, a can of fish and a little tea. It is only a short time until they starve. We distributed [resource types withheld] and 1 NT. I took one of them to the shop and shared about God with him.

. . .

City “D”: We found 7 people guarded by 3 captains. Any communication with them was stopped. We sowed literature over the fence and they took [resource type withheld]. We were surprised that even with intensified watching from the captains’ side, the workers have become more daring.

. . .

City “E”: In [city name withheld] we made it past serious guarding, barrier bars everywhere and multiple document check points. It looked hopeless, but our God showed us a way out. We were able to meet 15 people. They were not very eager to take [resource type withheld], but we know they have lots of needs such as little to no food and a lack of clothing.

. . .

City “F”: We met a group of NKs and their captain said there was a seriously sick person among them. They did not have any medicine and the captain was worried. To their utmost surprise, we blessed them with the medicine they needed, bought them food products and distributed [resource type withheld].

. . .

Every month we go everywhere and do everything we can to share the love of Christ with North Koreans wherever they are found. So please pray for our outreach team members. At this very moment they are hard at work somewhere in some country where you may not even realize North Koreans exist. But 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, we are there, because the Lord sent us in his great love for North Korean people.

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Podcast – What Is The Face Of Persecution In North Korea?

At a recent Voice of the Martyrs regional conference, Pastor Foley answers an audience question about the face of persecution in North Korea. Are underground church members mostly male or female? Young or old? Rich or poor? Imprisoned or “free”?  Listen to Seoul USA’s podcast to find out!

Face of Persecution

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