Look for God and You Will Find Him

What is the first image that comes to mind when you think about God? Do you picture a loving father who welcomes His children with open arms or is He more like a fickle spiritual being somewhere out in the universe that sometimes chooses or chooses not to intervene with the events of this world? Have you ever asked God to give you a sign to help you make that decision or to somehow just intervene and turn things around for you? The more important question is, however, would you be able to recognize Him even if He did show up at your front door at this very moment?

Something to keep in mind as we walk with God is the fact that God is not obvious. God is like a still small voice, and He tends to appear in unusual ways. He does not need to prove Himself to anyone at any time for any reason, yet He chooses to visit us because He loves us and wants to be actively involved in our lives. ”I am who I am,” is what He told Moses in the burning bush, and there’s simply no more explanation needed. God visits those who are looking for Him, and when we live by the Word and expect to see Him, we will certainly not miss His visitation.

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Disciple is Spelled With an “F”: A Diagnostic Rap For Those Engaged In Ministry

This month Dr. Foley and I celebrate the college graduations of our two youngest children, both of whom will be headed to seminary in the US this fall after interning with Voice of the Martyrs Korea over the summer.

Typically it is the role of parents to say wise things to their children in such situations, especially if the parents are long-time ministry leaders. However, in this case Dr. Foley and I were delighted to be schooled by our youngest son, Trevor, who wrote the following rap for the graduating seniors awards chapel service at Nazarene Bible College (or NBC, as Trev refers to it in his rap). I had the opportunity to be there in person to hear him share it, and what was most noteworthy is that it was preceded by earnest classmate after earnest classmate pledging to serve Christ to the ends of the earth following graduation.

Trevor’s message: Before booking your flight to the ends of the earth, pause for a moment (or several years) and make sure that your first church, your family, receives the benefit of your discipleship.

Discipleship, after all, is spelled with an “F”—for family—or as Christoph Cardinal Schoenborn puts it, “The most beautiful thing that can happen is when your own family grows to be a part of Jesus’ family. This can often be a painful process that occurs only by way of repentance and conversion, in which fleshly, natural family ties become something new through faith.”

Or as Trevor Foley puts it: Don’t miss the discipleship trees for the forest. Trev, may the Lord bless you and your sister as you head to the ends of the earth in service to Christ. You are two of the finest trees any forest could ask for.

Trees for the Forest
Trevor Foley

1 Timothy 3:5 states, “if someone does not know how to manage his own household, how will he care for God’s church?’

My friends, don’t overlook what’s more important
You might be missing the trees for the fores

  1. Started off at NBC, got enrolled
    Pastoral ministries degree? Oh, you’re sold.
    You set a goal to preach the most bold
    But neglect to preach to your own household?
  1. Pursuing a degree in counseling
    Or if theology is what you’re pondering
    Sights set globally, Sights set yonder
    Chase the lost sheep and let your household wander?
  1. And to my friends who are graduating with me
    All ready to line up, and get our degrees
    Have you neglected to disciple your household?
    Never set a regular time for worship at home?
    Was reading scripture central? Or problematic?
    Did you think discipleship was automatic?
    Did you endeavor to pray together with your family?
    Or did you forget discipleship happens manually?
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Nigerian Pastor: Satan Prowls Around like a Roaring Lion, Seeking Someone to Devour

“Sometimes, I feel like the captain of a sinking ship,” began Pastor Daniel. In northern Nigeria, where Boko Haram swept through like a plague, Pastor Daniel Dogo Awayi’s church and congregation suffered and still continue to face horrific violence on a daily basis. Following Christ in that part of the world means risking everything including one’s life. Many of Pastor Daniel’s church members have lost not only their homes but even their lives, and many have fled the region altogether.

From the world’s point of view, Pastor Daniel’s ship is surely sinking, but in reality it is riding one of the strongest currents, because persecution yielded to sincere prayer and true fellowship. Nigerian Christians who have fallen into a spiritual “sleep” are now being shaken awake, and Pastor Daniel warns us to remain alert for Satan is a roaring lion looking to devour the unsuspecting.

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