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How do we actually “Do Good?”

Post by Pastor Tim – You may say, “Do good . . . of course I know how to do good!”  But the good that we are familiar with is often completely different from the good that God asks us … Continue reading

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All Christians Need An Ongoing, Formal Process of Reflection On What God Is Doing In And Through Them. Here’s One.

Sadly, the closest most of us Christians get to an ongoing, formal process of reflection on what God is doing in and through us is the “what-are-you-thankful-for” exercise around the Thanksgiving dinner table. Sure, there’s also the New Year’s Eve … Continue reading

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As You Prepare To Reign, Protect Your Reputation–From Yourself

There’s a nearly peerless story about Francis of Assisi (wow, I wish I could find the reference for this–let me know if you do) where he happens, unrecognized upon a group of villagers who are disparaging Francis. He joins in … Continue reading

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