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Is There a Downside to a Spontaneous One Weekend $5.6 Million Church Offering for the Homeless? Er, Yes.

On March 12 and 13 of this year, First Baptist Church in Orlando, Florida had Bruce Wilkinson come in and speak, and he challenged the church to respond to the “new homelessness” afflicting Central Florida due to the economic downturn, … Continue reading

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Transformational Giving Doesn’t Need a Donor Database. It Needs a Life-Caching Service

Ten months ago I did a series of video shorts on YouTube detailing the ins and outs of database development for Transformational Giving. I was so honored by the response, which mainly consisted of people emailing me and asking me … Continue reading

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Alternatives to Shane Claiborne’s Holiday Mischief, Part I: Why Holiday Mischief is not P/E/O

Our Monday post on Why Shane Claiborne’s Idea of Being “Long Gone” is the Wrong Kind of Holiday Mischief prompted an astute and well-reasoned question from Shannon Pekary at Palo Alton’s Ravenswood Youth Athletic Center, who wrote: I am confused by … Continue reading

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