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A North Korean Defector Realizes Years Later Her Father Was An Underground Christian. His Breakfast Spoon Was The Giveaway.

Frequently North Korean defectors in South Korea will look back on peculiar behaviors of parents and grandparents in North Korea and realize with great astonishment that their family members were actually underground Christians. JBM, one of our Underground Technology students, … Continue reading

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How Do North Korean Christians Envision Heaven?

The Bible begins and ends in a garden, yet I can’t recall many of us Westerners ever envisioning heaven that way. That’s why I was so fascinated to hear one of our North Korean defector students at Underground University describe … Continue reading

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My IDOP Prayer For The North Korean Underground Church: Please Let Us Not Do Them Harm, Lord

The International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church is upon us for the year, and I have been contacted by a number of reporters this week asking, “How can Western Christians pray for the North Korean underground church?” My … Continue reading

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