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Why No Arab Spring For North Korea? (Or, You Can Take The North Korean Out Of North Korea, But…)

Balloons bombarding North Korea with flyers from the outside world… Ordinary North Korean citizens boldly rebuking soldiers… Assassination attempts on North Korea’ unassailable leader… Is there a “North Korean Spring” in the offing? PBS recently ran a documentary, Secret State … Continue reading

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How Is North Korea’s Juche Ideology Similar To Christianity?

As an officially atheistic government, North Korea refuses to call Juche–the official ideology of the North Korean state–a religion, but the truth is that it bears all the markings of one.  Even more, it shares extensive similarities with Christianity. Consider … Continue reading

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How Do North Koreans Respond When They Hear The Gospel?

Upon hearing the Gospel for the first time, North Koreans sometimes respond by asking, “Why are you copying us?” In back of this comment is the unmistakable similarity of North Korea’s Juche ideology to Christianity. But when the Gospel does … Continue reading

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